The best Spanish restaurant in Miami.

Visit us and enjoy a gastronomic experience that will transport you to Spain!
We offer traditional Spanish dishes in our restaurant or take away, with a menu for parties and events, European pastries and a store with Spanish products.

What can you get in our Spanish Restaurant in Miami

scrambled eggs with cured ham - Brisa de España


the best way to start the day, that's why we offer a variety of near me Spanish food such as: Huevos a la Flamenca, Huevos a caballo con patatas Fritas, Trio Brisa, Champiñones a la española, Revoltillo con chistorra y pimientos rojos, and more for your delight.
dish with iberian ham - Brisa de España


When talking about Spanish food in Miami, perhaps the best known are the "Tapas". At Brisa de España you can get Manchego Cheese, Iberian Ham, Serrano Ham and Cheese and Chorizo Sandwich, Galician Octopus, or any other delicacy from our restaurant.

cod in green sauce - Brisa de España

Main Dishes

Cod in Green Sauce, Ensalada Campera, Fabada Asturiana, etc. As well as other delicious dishes whose offer varies continuously.

lobster paella - Brisa de España

Paellas and Rice

The best paella in Miami, in the warmest Spanish atmosphere in Doral. We offer: Paella Valenciana, seafood, black, meat, lobster, rice with chicken, seafood stew, in combo or by Servings.

mug with cappuccino - Brisa de España


Spanish and international wines and beers, cocktails, a variety of hot beverages such as coffee, tea, etc.

pastry shop - Brisa de España

Pastry shop

In Brisa de España we have the most delicious European pastries. Cakes, cakes or cakes to celebrate birthdays and other events. Assorted sweets by units or trays.

The best Spanish restaurant in Miami

Brisa de espana Restaurant
When you search for Spanish restaurants near me, or Spanish food restaurants here in Miami, you will surely find Brisa de España Restaurant in the first places.

This is due to the fact that we use traditional recipes of the Spanish cuisine and original and local ingredients of the highest quality and freshness.

Brisa de espana Restaurant

Our Specialties


Paellas and Rice


Dry pasta



Why choose us as your Spanish Restaurant in Miami?

  • The quality and authentic taste of Spanish food in our restaurant.
  • The careful selection of fresh ingredients used to prepare the dishes.
  • The variety of dishes offered in our menu either to eat in the restaurant or to take away.
  • The customer service is first class both in service and treatment.
  • Cleanliness of our facilities and excellent environment for family, friends and business meetings.

Types of Spanish food we offer

Among the options you can find, it is certain that when searching for "Spanish food restaurant" the first option with the quality of its dishes and attention to its customers that you will find is Brisa de España.

Among the Spanish restaurants in Miami, Brisa de España stands out for the diversity of types of food we offer.

You will be able to select from a variety of options for all occasions, from the first meals of the day such as breakfasts rich in typical Spanish proteins, delicious tapas, succulent lunches with traditional desserts and refreshing drinks.

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Likewise, you will be able to enjoy dinners that will make your daily meals a true delight to your palate.

You can choose from beef, poultry, pork, accompanied by sauces, vegetables, seafood, in short, a feast of aromatic and delicious dishes that will delight all your senses.

Eat in our Spanish restaurant in Miami or take out

Brisa de espana Restaurant
When you search for "Spanish restaurant near me" be sure that Brisa de España will appear as an alternative that offers you the possibility to enjoy traditional Spanish food either in our restaurant or to take away.

We offer you the satisfaction of your needs to enjoy a cozy family atmosphere conducive to meetings and celebrations with the best customer service and service orientation as you deserve, or to deliver the exquisite Spanish food you choose from our menu.

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For any of the options you choose, Brisa de España guarantees:

  • First class service
  • Products of unmatched quality and freshness
  • Variety of dishes carefully elaborated with the authentic recipes of the traditional Spanish cuisine with a very well cared culinary tradition that will give your palate total and complete satisfaction.
    Brisa de espana Restaurant

    The ingredients of the Spanish food in our Spanish Restaurant in Miami

    We prepare our dishes with a mixture of traditional Spanish products and fresh products available in Miami.

    Locally produced seafood, fish, vegetables, etc., are properly combined to produce the best food in our Spanish restaurant in Miami.

    The recipes are adapted to elaborate dishes with the flavor of the traditional Spanish cuisine.

    Elaboration of food in Brisa de España

    Brisa de espana Restaurant
    The variety of dishes in our Spanish restaurant in Miami are elaborated in a traditional way based on legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans, etc.), used in various stews and stews, a variety of vegetables, fish, seafood, as well as meat, game and sausages.

    The use of spices in Spanish food is important, which intensify aromas and flavors, including their use in popular cold soups.

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    The characteristic red color provided by saffron, paprika, ñora or choricero peppers is not missing in our delicious dishes such as pickled, marinated, sofrito, charcuterie and stews.

    When it comes to Spanish restaurant food, the recipes used include black pepper and aromatic herbs such as bay leaf, thyme, rosemary and in the case of Spanish pastries, both cinnamon and sweet cloves.

    Brisa de España includes in its menu, dishes elaborated with recipes containing almonds (very abundant in the Spanish countryside) and chocolate, often using vanilla as a flavoring.

    This contributes to the fact that we are the best Spanish restaurant in Miami.

    Drinks offered at our Spanish Restaurant in Miami

    Chocolate and coffee are widely consumed at Brisa de España. Among adults, the enjoyment of barley water and rice horchata (known as chicha in other countries) is very popular.
    The consumption of beer, wine, cava (sparkling wine) and cider (fermented apple or pear juice) of various origins depending on the area of Spain are very popular at Brisa de España and you can also buy them to take away at your store.

    Dishes from Spanish restaurants in Miami

    The dishes that you can enjoy at Brisa de España are elaborated with ingredients from "the sea" and "the land" in the purest style of Spanish gastronomy.

    Spanish Seafood

    If you want to enjoy the delights of the sea in a Spanish restaurant in Miami, the food of Brisa de España will delight you because it has a great variety of options among which are the clams of Carril, the Galician empanada, hake, scallops, the famous octopus a Feira.

    Another well-known Galician delicacy is the cockle empanada, especially from the Rías Baixas. And all this without forgetting the famous Padrón peppers and the "lacón con grelos" (pork shoulder with turnip tops).

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    Among the most delicious Spanish food is bacalao al pil pil, which consists of an earthenware casserole with chopped cod marinated in oil, garlic and chili peppers.

    Other great delicacies of this cuisine are cod Vizcaína style, Marmitako, squid in its ink, elvers and Tolosa beans.

    Black Rice
    Also known as " paella negra" is a rice made with squid and its ink, being one of the most popular dishes in any Spanish restaurant in Miami for its strong and delicious flavor.

    Spanish Food From the Earth

    For those who prefer to taste the products of the land, in Brisa de España, we offer a great variety of options that will leave you with the satisfaction of enjoying the best Spanish food.

    We are the Spanish restaurant in Miami with a gastronomic offer that includes among its most popular dishes with ingredients of local origin, the traditional roast suckling pig from Castilla.

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    This variety of suckling pig is baked in an earthenware casserole and is usually served hot with a crispy crust. The most common pairing is usually wine.

    Castilla y León is rich in meats and depending on the province, you will find one specialty or another.

    In León, one of its best known products is cecina, salted and sun-dried meat.

    In Avila, the traditional dish is the Iberian black-tailed poultry T-bone steak.

    Roast suckling lamb is very typical in Burgos and Segovia, as well as in Palencia, where the entreasado (roast lamb) stands out; and in Zamora, the rabo de ternera de Aliste (veal tail from Aliste) stands out.

    Also very common are stews such as maragato (León) and morañego (Ávila), lentil stew from Armuña (Salamanca), crab stew (Palencia) and snail stew from Soria.

    Very typical is also the hornazo of Salamanca, the black pudding of Burgos, the potatoes of Valladolid or the yolks of Santa Teresa (Avila).

    What you will find when you search for "spanish food restaurant" in Miami.



    It is the most typical dish of Spain outside its borders which has made it a worthy ambassador of Spanish food in Spanish restaurants in Miami and around the world. Brisa de España offers you the queen of all paella with the Valencian version based on chicken and rabbit, it is simply "unmatched".

    La Fideuá

    Of Valencian origin, this dish is prepared similarly to paella but with pasta and is very popular in any Spanish restaurant in Miami.

    Fabada Asturiana

    If we talk about typical Spanish dishes by communities, in Asturias the queen of the Principality is the fabada asturiana.

    It is a traditional dish made with fabes (large beans) with black pudding, chorizo and bacon. It is a very hearty meal and because of its consistency, it is very typical to eat in winter.


    El Cocido

    One of the most incredible dishes you can eat in a Spanish restaurant in Miami. Ideal for large groups, it is a stew made with chickpeas, vegetables and different types of meat. The vegetables are usually carrots, cabbage, potatoes and a sofrito with garlic and paprika.
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    Meats may include chorizo, black pudding, bacon, pig's trotters, knuckle, chicken, ham bone and veal. You can also enjoy a tomato sauce to add to the chickpeas.

    Roast lamb or suckling lamb

    It is another of the most typical and popular dishes in a Spanish restaurant in Miami and in the world. It is traditional from Castilla y Leon. The roast suckling pig is cooked in a wood-fired oven and served in clay pots.

    Garlic shrimp

    We have all tried them. Its aroma is exquisite. One of those typical dishes highly recommended.

    Las Tapas

    En nuestro restaurante español en Miami, ofrecemos variedad de tapas (diversos platos pequeños que pueden servir de aperitivo o degustarlos mientras se bebe).

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    The most representative are: Potato Omelette, Iberian Ham, Salmorejo cordobés, Gazpacho Andaluz, Galician Octopus, Squid, Seafood, Potatoes with ali oli and papas bravas and Olives.

    Iberian sausages such as Chistorras de Navarra, Morcilla de Burgos, Lomo ibérico de Salamanca, Longaniza, Salchichón, etc., are also in great demand for daily meals and special events.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of meat can be consumed in a Spanish restaurant in Miami?
    Among the meats included in the Spanish restaurant are chorizo, black pudding, bacon, pig's feet, knuckle, hen (or chicken), ham bone and veal.
    What can you have for breakfast in Spanish restaurants in Miami?
    • Toast topped with butter and jam or olive oil
    • Crushed tomato and Iberian ham
    • You can enjoy a sweet breakfast if your preference is chocolate accompanied with churros or with wing cookies called soletillas in Madrid and melindros in Barcelona.
    • Another delicious option is the pinchos de tortilla (slice of potato omelet) which are very popular in Madrid and most of northern Spain, accompanied by coffee.
    • Scrambled eggs with chorizo, ham or sautéed vegetables
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