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Types of paella we offer

Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella

The Seafood Paella is our star dish, it is the favourite dish of our customers. We also prepare Arroz a la marinera, which has all the ingredients of the Seafood Paella except the prawns.

It is one of the favorite varieties preferred by many diners.

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The origin of this type of paella is not known for certain, but it is possible that it was made with the marine ingredients so abundant and easily accessible on the Mediterranean coasts, as a replacement for the meat and items of land characteristic of the Valencian paella.

Instead of vegetables, seafood paella includes a variety of seafood such as fish, squid, shrimp, clams, mussels, and prawns, all seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and white wine, further accentuating the flavors of the Mediterranean.

Until much of the twentieth century in many homes remained the tradition known as the Thursday paella. This custom of eating paella on Thursdays was due to the fact that it was that day of the week when the fish arrived to the inland villages: there was no fishing on Sundays but on Mondays, when people from the coast could buy fresh fish; then the surplus was taken in carts to be distributed in the rest of the country, where it arrived on Thursdays, when the paella was prepared and eaten with the family.

Valencian Paella

Valencian Paella

This is, without a doubt, the dish that symbolizes Spanish cuisine on an international level. Its name refers to its place of origin -Valencia- but also to its fundamental ingredient: rice. The different ways of cooking it show the excellence not only of its preparation, but also of the production and consumption of this cereal, which has a rich and long history in this region.
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Although Valencian paella has earned its place among the great dishes of international gastronomy, its origins are rather humble.

In its origins, the Valencian peasants, in need of a meal easy to prepare with simple ingredients available in the countryside, ate the paella directly from the container where they cooked it and shared the prepared food towards the end of the afternoon.

Gathering around the table on Sunday or a special day to eat paella is a custom that still remains in some homes, as a symbol of reward for community effort and family togetherness.

Both Valencian rice dishes and Valencian paella and the degree of perfection achieved in their preparation (entirely different from the rest of the world) have been praised by countless personalities and gastronomic authorities at international level, contributing to the rise of tourism in Spain.

That is why this emblematic dish can not miss in our menu for all your celebrations and events. Both the rice and all the ingredients are of the highest quality, to bring the legitimate flavor offered by our land to all customers of Brisa de España.

Lobster Paella

Lobster Paella

The secret of any paella lies mainly in the rice, which guarantees a perfect cooking, according to the standards of preparation of the different varieties of paella.

Just like the seafood paella, this exquisite paella stands out for the exotic and original touch of the lobster, which together with the freshest marine ingredients and vegetables constitutes a delicacy of incomparable flavour.

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In areas close to the sea, as is the case in South Florida, the success of lobster paella is assured, due to the advantages of access to a fresh local product of excellent quality, especially in season.

At Brisa de España we pay special attention to these qualities, as well as to the proportions and combinations of all the ingredients during the whole process; thus, we achieve a luxury lobster paella to the delight of our diners.

Black Paella

Black Paella

This type of paella is originally known as "black rice" and owes its name to the black colour it acquires due to the squid or cuttlefish ink, commonly used for its preparation.

Like seafood paella or lobster paella, black paella is prepared exclusively with seafood.

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However, its peculiar appearance and taste make it unique among the varieties of paella; in addition to squid or cuttlefish, this dish includes fish and various kinds of shellfish and molluscs, which provide a substantial iron content and other minerals that give it countless properties both nutritious and delicious.

Although it is considered a typically Spanish food, the origin of the dish is somewhat ambiguous, as it is prepared with almost identical characteristics in Galicia (arroz negro), in Valencia (arròs negre) and even in Italy (riso nero a la Fiorentina or riso al nero di seppia); however, the geographical coincidence of these last two places suggests a Mediterranean influence.

Meat Paella

Meat Paella

This variant of paella has been in great demand lately in Brisa de España for its unique flavor. Also, as an alternative for those allergic or intolerant to seafood.

This paella uses animal ingredients: chicken, pork and chorizo sausage and meat stock and as in all our paella we use garlic, onion and garnish with peppers and peas.

This paella is another of the variants most enjoyed by our customers for its exquisite taste.


Paella Catering

Ideal for:

  • Wedding or birthday
  • Corporate Events
  • Social gathering
  • A different kind of lunch or dinner with family or friends

Whether for a family lunch or dinner or for an event, our paella catering service will be highly appreciated.

Not only for the quality and freshness of the ingredients but also for the exquisite taste that our chefs manage to give to this dish king of the traditional Spanish cuisine.

The convenience of home delivery and presentation in paella pans or aluminum containers, make our paella catering is considered by all as the best in Miami.

Give it a try and you will be highly satisfied.

Why choose our paellas


Quality and taste

Our paellas have no comparison, the Spanish and local ingredients are of the highest quality and freshness, as well as the preparation following the traditional recipes of the Spanish cuisine, simply the best paellas in Miami.


In addition to disposable aluminum containers we have the alternative of delivering them in metal paella pans for a unique presentation.


You can store pick up or have your order delivered to your home.

Ordered by Servings

We can accommodate orders for any number of people. For less than 80 Servings we need you to place your order at least two hours in advance.
If more than 80 Servings, two days in advance.

On special dates such as Father's Day, Christmas, etc., we recommend at least three days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to place my order?
On normal days two hours in advance is enough, but on special occasions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve, we recommend ordering two to three days in advance.
What is the yield of Servings?
The Servings are understood as individual for adults, if they eat little it could be shared, for example, from four Servings could eat five people, but it is not usual.
In which presentations is the paella delivered?
In a disposable aluminium container or in a metal paella pan on payment of a deposit which is returned on return of the paella pan.
What is the difference between paella and arroz a la marinera?
The paella includes prawns as an additional ingredient.
Does the paella include any kind of side dish?
No, it's just the paella.
Wide variety of desserts and pastries

Wide variety of desserts and pastries

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Paella Miami

To say paella Miami is to say Brisa de España. Paella is an icon of our gastronomy, considered worldwide as the national dish of Spain, and that is why we are so pleased to prepare for our customers one of the best paellas in South Florida.

Although of Valencian origin, it is common to call this dish Spanish paella, regardless of its variants or origin. Its popularity is, in large part, due to the way it is prepared -simple and versatile- which allows for the incorporation and combination of countless ingredients.

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The origin of paella goes back as far as the 15th century, thanks to the peasants and inhabitants of the region who made the cultivation of rice and the preparation of paella in Valencia an art form.

The original Valencian paella recipe counted rabbit and poultry meat, vegetables, beans, and saffron among its main ingredients; at some point in its expansion and growing popularity, this dish began to be prepared with more local ingredients. This gave rise to variations such as seafood paella, black paella, meat paella, and lobster paella; those that combine red meat and fish are known as mixed paella, as they include ingredients from both land and sea.

Despite its humble origins, Spanish paella is on the menu of almost every restaurant in the world, either in its original version or any of its variants.

Most restaurants, chefs and paella experts have their own recipes, created with local ingredients and a lot of imagination, so no two paellas are the same.

Today, this succulent dish occupies a privileged place in celebrations of all kinds. Paella in Miami and around the world is as much a part of home traditions as it is of social events, bringing to the palate the intimate and familiar, yet unique and distinctive flavors of Spain.

But to appreciate the true taste of paella, you don't have to travel far. Brisa de España brings you the best paella in Miami. In addition, we offer you the best of the Spanish gastronomic tradition for all your celebrations with our paella catering and an extensive party menu.

Also our online shop shows you a wide range of products made by ourselves as well as from well known Spanish brands including pastries, hams, liquors, paella dishes, handicrafts and more.

Curious facts about paella


Origin of the word paella

The Seafood Paella is our star dish, it is the favourite dish of our customers. We also prepare Arroz a la marinera, which has all the ingredients of the Seafood Paella except the prawns.

Although there is another theory that points to the Arabic word baqiya ("leftovers") as a possible origin, this differs completely from the way paella is prepared, where the different ingredients are cooked as they are incorporated, never from leftovers.


Paella or paella pan?

It is common to find that the name of a container is transferred to the food that is cooked in it; thus, for Valencians, paella is both the food and the pan in which it is made.

In the Valencian Community and, according to the Real Academia de la Lengua Española, paellera or paellero is the person who makes and has to do with paellas. However, the use of paellera instead of paella is now officially accepted and is commonly used in almost all of Spain and the world.


What are the traditional ingredients of Spanish paella?

By history and tradition, the Spanish paella is, par excellence, the Valencian paella. Its creation is inseparably linked to the production and use of rice as the main ingredient as well as to the Spanish Mediterranean culture.

The cultivation of rice in Valencia is a tradition that dates back centuries, when this cereal entered Europe from Asia and began to be harvested on the outskirts of Valencia, in the Albufera.

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Valencian paella originated in the countryside, where the inhabitants used the most readily available foods to add to the rice; hence "arroz valenciano" or "arroz a la valenciana" (as it was known before it was called paella) included rabbit and chicken meat, beans and/or beans (bajoqueta, tavella, ferruara, garrofón), tomato, olive oil and saffron, the latter being responsible for the typical yellow colour of paella.

In addition to these, there are other optional ingredients that are accepted as part of the dish: duck meat, snails, artichoke, courgette, pepper, onion, garlic and rosemary.

The popularity of paella worldwide has meant that its ingredients are very varied both in Spain and in the rest of the world and, precisely for this reason, depend increasingly on the preferences of the chef, the taste of local customers and the greater or lesser availability of products in each area.

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