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We offer the most delicious and traditional Spanish food in Miami, menu for parties and events, European pastries and store with Spanish products, to enjoy in the restaurant or to take away.

What can you get in our Spanish Food Miami menu?

scrambled eggs with cured ham - Brisa de España


the best way to start the day, that's why we offer a variety of near me Spanish food such as: Huevos a la Flamenca, Huevos a caballo con patatas Fritas, Trio Brisa, Champiñones a la española, Revoltillo con chistorra y pimientos rojos, and more for your delight.
dish with iberian ham - Brisa de España


When talking about Spanish food in Miami, perhaps the best known are the "Tapas". At Brisa de España you can get Manchego Cheese, Iberian Ham, Serrano Ham and Cheese and Chorizo Sandwich, Galician Octopus, or any other delicacy from our restaurant.

cod in green sauce - Brisa de España

Main Dishes

Cod in Green Sauce, Ensalada Campera, Fabada Asturiana, etc. As well as other delicious dishes whose offer varies continuously.

lobster paella - Brisa de España

Paellas and Rice

The best paella in Miami, in the warmest Spanish atmosphere in Doral. We offer: Paella Valenciana, seafood, black, meat, lobster, rice with chicken, seafood stew, in combo or by Servings.

mug with cappuccino - Brisa de España


Spanish and international wines and beers, cocktails, a variety of hot beverages such as coffee, tea, etc.

pastry shop - Brisa de España

Pastry shop

In Brisa de España we have the most delicious European pastries. Cakes, cakes or cakes to celebrate birthdays and other events. Assorted sweets by units or trays.

Spanish food in Miami of the highest quality and delicious traditional flavor.

seafood casserole - Brisa de España
When you search for Spanish food near me, or Spanish food restaurant here in Miami, you will surely find Brisa de España Restaurant in the first places.

This is because it is listed as one of the best restaurants in Miami, specializing in Spanish food.

We use traditional Spanish recipes and local ingredients of the highest quality and freshness, simply the best Spanish food in Miami.

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The preparations have the extensive experience of our chef Julian Lopez whose taste for cooking began at a very young age in his native Madrid, he studied and worked in places like the Hotel Cantabrico in Madrid for twelve years and in the famous restaurant El Botin, the oldest restaurant in the world where he specialized in the perfect preparation of suckling pig and baked lamb. It is an honor and a privilege to have him in our kitchen for 19 years.

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Paellas and Rice


Dry pasta



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We offer disposable aluminum containers. For paella, we have the alternative of metal paella pans for an incomparable display.


Brisa de España is your choice when looking for near me Spanish food to enjoy our facilities, to pick up at the store or to receive home delivery.

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Brisa de España is your choice when looking for near me Spanish food to enjoy our facilities, to pick up at the store or to receive home delivery.

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The 5 most typical dishes of Spanish Food Miami.


Spanish omelette

Prepared with eggs, potatoes, onions, salt and a touch of olive oil, and depending on the taste of the consumer or the person who prepares it, it can have variants according to the ingredients that are desired to incorporate.

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This is one of the most requested dishes of Spanish food in Miami, which does not really have any region to which it is attributed its exclusivity as a typical dish.

Iberian ham

From the black pigs of Casilla and Leon, it is frequently used as "tapas" and in Spain, it is also traditional to eat it for breakfast with bread and a little olive oil.


With a base of rice, saffron, olive oil and various sea and land proteins to taste according to the place in Spain where it is prepared.
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The best known is the Valencian paella whose main ingredient is rabbit as well as fried garlic, onion, tomato and bell pepper.

Enjoy this Spanish food dish in Miami also known for the version that uses ingredients such as squid, prawns, mussels and clams, as well as the paella or black rice version, typical of Galicia, with the typical black color given by the squid ink.


Galician Octopus

Many of our restaurant's customers select this Spanish food dish in Miami for the deliciousness of its ingredients: potatoes, fresh octopus, paprika, sea salt and olive oil.

Battered squid

They are widely consumed in the Spanish food menu in Miami. They are usually part of appetizers or tapas at lunches, dinners and celebrations.

Origin of Spanish food near me.

Beef T-bone steak dish - Brisa de España
The Spanish food in Miami that can be enjoyed at Brisa de España, is of great quality and attached to the traditional Spanish food, due to the use of ingredients and recipes based on the originality and gastronomic tradition of Spain.

Spanish food is characterized according to the origin of its ingredients, those coming from the sea such as fish, shellfish, mollusks, etc., and those coming from the land such as vegetables, legumes, vegetables and beef, chicken, pork and game.

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These ingredients, as mentioned above, are of diverse origins in Spain according to the variety of its reliefs, which has differentiated its food according to the regions of the country, therefore, the recipes have been specialized with the characteristics of the ingredients produced in each area.

Beef T-bone steak dish - Brisa de España

Spanish food by region

Dishes are usually differentiated according to the region of Spain where the ingredients come from:

fabada asturiana - Brisa de España

Northern Spanish food

  • Galicia
  • Asturias
  • Cantabria
  • Basque Country
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  • La Rioja
  • Navarra
  • Aragon

Northern Spanish Food
For those who wish to enjoy an exquisite Spanish meal in Miami, we can offer dishes prepared with recipes originating in the northern part of Spain such as:

Spanish Galician cuisine is based on its rich fish and seafood from the Cantabrian coast accompanied by vegetables and legumes, with a special emphasis on the use of Galician potatoes.

There is also a wide variety of dishes based on white veal and wines produced in the Rías Baixas.

Among the diversity of Spanish food in Miami that you can enjoy in our restaurant, you can find Asturian dishes.

From the mainland come beef, lamb, pork sausages and a wide variety of quality cheeses. From its coastline located on the Cantabrian slope, delicious fish and seafood are consumed.

The most representative dishes of Spanish food in Asturias are fabada, fabes con almejas (beans with clams) and arroz con leche (rice pudding).

Among the diversity of Spanish food in Miami that you can enjoy in our restaurant, you can find Asturian dishes.

From the mainland come beef, lamb, pork sausages and a wide variety of quality cheeses. From its coastline located on the Cantabrian slope, delicious fish and seafood are consumed.

The most representative dishes of Spanish food in Asturias are fabada, fabes con almejas (beans with clams) and arroz con leche (rice pudding).

Basque Country
If you wish to try dishes from the Basque cuisine, when searching for Spanish food near me, you will find at Brisa de España a good representation of traditional Basque cuisine, which uses ingredients such as meats, fish and stews with delicious desserts, and a more recent sophisticated and creative one with roots in the rich traditional cuisine.

All these delicious ingredients are part of the preparation of Spanish food in Miami and you can enjoy them at Brisa de España.

La Rioja
It has a rich culinary tradition, whose most representative dishes are: Rioja-style potatoes with chorizo, lamb trotters, red beans with chorizo and ear, and fritada.

Also typical are the piquillo peppers and undoubtedly its excellent wines.

At Brisa de España you will find dishes from La Rioja which represent an excellent alternative for the enjoyment of Spanish food in Miami.

Pamplona is a meeting of the genuinely Basque cuisine of the north and that of the south, characterized by the production of vegetables of unsurpassed quality.

Navarrese cuisine has dishes whose fame transcends all Spanish regions: chistorras, pochas, bacalao al ajoarriero (cod in ajoarriero sauce), etc.

Spanish food dishes in Miami have a truly exquisite gastronomic excellence; among them are Rocal and Idiazabal cheeses, Piquillo de Lodosa, asparagus, artichokes, veal, etc.

Aragon is a diverse and for many unknown region, whose rural and mountainous landscape and climate contribute to a Spanish food based on traditional and very rich recipes.

Among its most famous dishes are: Arroz ajoarriero, Cod al chilindrón, Caldereta de Alcañiz, Cardo ajoarriero de bacalao y de gambas, Cazuela enmigada and Farinetas.

Also delicious are the Jarretes with artichokes, potatoes au gratin with sheep cheese, Requesón dessert, Recao de Binéfar, trout with ham and peppers.

seafood paella - Brisa de España

Levantine Spanish food

  • Catalonia
  • Valencia
  • Murcia
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It has a rich past of culinary traditions and is part of the healthiest Mediterranean cuisine.

It is characterized by its great tradition of rice, meat, seafood, sausages. It is also characterized by its basic sauces such as picada, which is used in almost all its stews, sofrito and ali oli (garlic-oil). Its condiments: saffron, cinnamon and chocolate.

Dishes such as escalibada, rabbit, mushrooms, etc., have become true international delicacies of Spanish gastronomy.

Valencia is associated with paella, however, its popular gastronomy has become famous over this dish thanks to the diversity of its lands whose products have a very rich culinary legacy.


There are two cuisines within the Murcian cuisine: inland and coastal. On the coast, the Mar Menor provides species and products that give rise to a unique gastronomy within the richness of the Spanish Mediterranean.

In addition, the traditional products of the orchards of Murcia, with really delicious summer vegetables and fruits, are also available.

Some typical dishes that we can mention are zarangollo, Murcian salad, paparajotes, marineras, michirones or meat pie.

oxtail with wine - Brisa de España

Andalusian Spanish food

  • Almeria
  • Cadiz
  • Córdoba
  • Grenada
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  • Huelva
  • Jaen
  • Malaga
  • Seville

Andalusia is for Spain almost a continent, with sea, rivers and natural spaces that originate ingredients for a great diversity of dishes of wonderful flavors and quality, exalting the taste with the use of olive oil in most of its meals.

You can enjoy this variety of delicious dishes here in Miami, because when you look for Spanish food near me, you will find our options based on game meats and good Iberian meats, with which we prepare the Andalusian gazpacho, the fried fish from Malaga, the fish in many ways such as a la sal or a la roteña.

The Spanish food in Miami that we offer in Brisa de España, includes dishes from Almeria with influence of the Levantine cuisine (rice, fish) to Huelva with its mountains and great land for cattle grazing, acorn-fed Iberian pigs, stews and other delicacies through the typical oxtail and salmorejo from Cordoba.


callos madrilena - Brisa de España

Spanish food from the interior

  • Castilla-La Mancha
  • Madrid
  • Castilla y León
  • Extremadura
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Castilla-La Mancha
The food of this region is adapted to its cold climate, being a hearty and caloric cuisine, with many medicinal properties using garlic, laurel, thyme and other seasonings of this enchanting land of windmills and peaceful landscapes.

Among its typical dishes are: Embutido de orza (sausages, ribs, loin, black pudding), Huevos a la porreta (also called sesos a la porreta, or simply porreta), Migas de Pastor and the pickled partridge.

Garlic is always the protagonist, allowing the tasting of dishes such as ajo mataero, pringue y de harina, Arroz con liebre, Atascaburras, Caldereta manchega, Cochifrito, Duelos y quebrantos, Pipirrana, Pisto mancheg and Zarajos.

The variety of Spanish food in Miami includes "fusion cuisine", where, for example, cocido madrileño and callos (tripe) are traditional dishes. Actually this food gathers Castilian influences (Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha) and from the rest of Spain.

Castilla y León
Roast suckling pig and lamb are its most representative dishes. In the process of its elaboration, traditions such as lamb preparation rites, black pigs fed with acorns, game meats such as hare, rabbit and partridge, mushroom picking, etc. are combined.

Traditional dishes include trout or pickled fish and a variety of sweets.

Extremaduran recipes are simple and at the same time have the richness of its ingredients from pork and beef raised on pasture and acorns giving them a particular and exquisite taste.

Extremaduran cuisine includes from simple dressings for black olives to the most typical dishes of the Spanish geography in Extremaduran version: migas, cocido, gazpacho, caldereta.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical Spanish food dish in Miami?
Paella is the most typical dish of Spain outside its borders, and when you want to enjoy this representation of Spanish food near me we can satisfy you.
How many types of Spanish food dishes are popular?
There are really a lot of dishes in the traditional Spanish food, more than a hundred of them top the lists of preferences according to the place of origin where their main ingredients come from.
How to Refrigerate or How to Freeze Spanish food?
Horizontally, flat to avoid the greatest number of sheets in the bag at the bottom and at the bottom of the cooler, preventing the bag from being exposed to objects that could puncture it or compromise its integrity.
Do you offer Children's Menu in your Spanish food restaurant in Miami?
You can design the children's menu yourself by choosing from the variety of delicious dishes we offer in our restaurant Brisa de España.
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